Thursday, September 17, 2015

A word from Joseph to our prospective brides and grooms searching for someone to video their most special Day!

I have understood from my early years that shooting a wedding was a serious matter that took preparation, skill, and commitment.... unlike anything I had experienced in my life. A couples wedding day can not be re-created. The sounds, expressions, and emotions of the day can only be saved by a well done professional video. We have shot hundred of wedding videos and our goal and commitment has always remained the make a video that each bride and groom will cherish and pass down for generations to come! Our blog and website are relatively new since for the past 10 years we have shot almost exclusively for National wedding venues. We will begin regular updating of our blog and site this fall. As we transition back to our own bookings we are offering really great pricing on all of our packages which are all multi-camera, high definition DSLR recordings.